September 24, 2012

Send SMS using OOPS CL_BCS

Pre-Requisties: SMS service (Refer) .   1. Create a class 2. Create static public Method ‘SEND_SMS’ with below parameter. METHOD send_sms. DATA: send_request TYPE REF TO cl_bcs. DATA: […]
July 17, 2012

IW31 Movement Type Customization

Req.: Movement Type field is Defaulted, we need to modify the Movement Type based on Order type(caufvd-auart) & Item  Category ( resbd-postp) and based on Order Quantity […]
July 16, 2012

WDA window close for UWL item

Open your Window from WDA Component and goto Outbound Plugs Create Exit Plug ‘O_WD_EXIT’ , Plug Type Exit Open the view Add Button for Exit Create […]
June 11, 2012

SAP WF View workitem of other user inbox

Pass the username in USER parameter in SAP_WAPI_CREATE_WORKLIST You can get the workitem from WORKLIST parameter.    CALL FUNCTION ‘SAP_WAPI_CREATE_WORKLIST‘ * EXPORTING * USER = SY-UNAME […]
June 10, 2012

Open URL in same WebDynpro ABAP Page

1. Add Window(WDW_MAIN) reference to the View(VW_REGISTER). 2. Add Button in your WDA application,create Action(my Action Name is ACT_BACK).   3. Create a object for the […]
May 23, 2012

Remove unwanted Column in OOPS ALV Report

Some time we used some coulmn for some Manipulation , those columns is not required for USER, if you use SET_VISIBLE the column is not displayed […]
May 20, 2012

Soln: SmartForm Bitmap Withe Background image showing as Grey

We need to save it as 8-bit bmp image. I used my favourite image editor Paint.Net 1. Open the image 2. Save as BMP 3. Select […]
May 13, 2012

Install Adobe Flash Builder Plug-in for SAP NetWeaver Gateway Services

January 21, 2012

Get Current Ticket status text of Solution Manager Text

Table Relationship Below   DATA: lv_stat TYPE crm_j_status, lv_txt30 TYPE j_txt30, lv_stsma TYPE j_stsma SELECT SINGLE stat INTO lv_stat FROM crm_jest WHERE objnr = ls_orderadm_h-guid AND […]